Why Is Rural Development Essential For A Country?

From the past we have evidenced that many people come to cities looking for jobs and shelter. People leave their homes and family behind and shift to cities for educational purposes, medical purposes and for employment purposes. This is because the urban side of a country is developed immensely compared that to a rural side of the country. Cities have better roads, basic facilities such as electricity, water and food. While the rural areas lack many of these facilities. However, for a country to be economically powerful and stable it is vital for the government to focus on both rural development and urban development equally.

What does the rural development mean?

When we speak of the rural development, we are addressing the country side or the village of a country. These country side consists of people who are many farmers and women who are house wives. The majority of which live in poverty while few who have had basic education lives a middle class.

The major occupation of the rural side men is farming. While few others are plumbers from Ezy-Plumb Pty Ltd, constructors and drivers. While there are developed carpeted roads in the cities, the people in the village should suffer with roads which are not developed or constructed.

What can then be done to develop the rural area?

Developing the rural area is not an easy task. It may take some time for it to reach the level of a city. However, the first development the government should take is to improve the educational field in rural areas. The educated society helps the development of a country. Thereby, by strengthening the education sector in the rural area, the government will be able to have many educated citizens. There needs to be proper health and sanitary facilities introduced. The major reason for many diseases to spread in rural areas is the unhealthy sanitary habitats. The environmental officers with the health service officers need to provide proper sanitary facilities as well as make drainage systems without any blocked drains. They villagers need to be given free education and advice on how to develop their cultivation.

What will the outcome be?

According to reports of many global unions such as the European Union, having a developed rural area within a country will help eradicate poverty from the country. This would provide equal opportunities for the people living in villages as the people living in cities. As there will be development in the rural areas there will be competition between the two rural and urban communities resulting in major economic developments. Also, due to the education provided for the urban areas there will be proper institutional stability.

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