How To Minimize Accidents In The Pantry

The pantry is a place with a lot of potential to cause accidents. This is why it is important to stay vigilant while you are working in it and also to keep an eye out and exercise caution if you have kids in your home. However, avoiding accidents in the pantry is not difficult contrary to what the popular belief might be. Here are some ways in which you can do this easily.

Keep it clean
Keeping the entirety of your kitchens clean is one great way to lower the risk of accidents. For example, make sure to wipe off the stoves because if there is food and fat that has collected on it, it might catch fire. If there are spills on the floor that have not been cleaned up, you will slip and fall or worse, a child could get seriously injured. Always keep it clean.

Keep utensils where they should be
After you have finished your work in the pantry, take five minutes to put away all the utensils that you had to use such as the knives and pots and pans and do not leave them on your kitchen granite countertops where they can easily slip and fall on the floor or on you and cause serious damage. Do not delay the cleaning up process after cooking. Cooking might have taken you two hours but this will only take ten minutes at the most if you do it regularly and do it then and there without pushing it off for later.

Sharpen your knives
This might sound like it is an invitation for accidents but we all know that we cannot work with a blunt knife and rather than being safe, blunt knives will have the tendency to slip ad cut you up pretty bad as opposed to a sharp knife that will have less tendency to slip.

Keep sharp and other dangerous objects in safe areas
Things like knives and forks that are sharp and can cause accidents need to be kept safely stored in places like a knife block or a cutlery holder so that you will not accidentally hurt yourself while it lies around in the clutter. Having designated locations for all of these things means that you will be safer, will not have to hunt things down all the time and that you will also have a cleaner pantry.

Look after the glass cooking utensils
If you happen to be using glass cooking utensils just make sure that you will not move them in very contrasting temperatures way too soon. For example d not dunk a bowl in cold water after you pull it out from the microwave. Similarly if any glass is cracked, do not fill any hot or cold liquid in it. In fact everything damaged should be discarded so that it will not crack and hurt someday.

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