How To Maintain An Engineered Or Solid Wood Floor?

Overall, DIY is possible for someone who loves to save money, have the time to spare, have patience in creating something and have that great self-satisfaction once the DIY is done. The Finish product of your DIY may not be as what you expected it to be but it would be something you would gain knowledge and experience from. When it comes to wood floors there are many options to choose from probably hundreds of them, but the proper way to clean it would vary from the type and finish. Here are the best ways to maintain different types of wood floors. Solid wood floors are proven to be a desirable floor choice it gives a natural and irresistible character it last longer since it is possible to be refinished more than the other. Unfortunately, this type of wood floor is more expensive than the other wood floor types and it is high maintenance.For its maintenance, you will need to determine the finish of your floor first, if the finish of your floor is the easiest of all finishes which is the surface sealed floor all you need to do in a daily routine is to sweep or vacuum the floor and then mop your floor using a damp mop, but do not use ammonia directly or even oil. Make sure to use a buffing machine While for the finishes like lacquered, varnished or the oil treated floors you may use paste wax or liquid wax designated for wood floors but never use damp map, water or acrylic base waxes.Another high maintenance wood floor that has almost the same characteristic as the solid wood floor is the strand woven flooring Melbourne however this type of wood floor have higher resistance to water damage but still susceptible to warping once excessive moisture exists and it could be made from bamboo, processed from heat and pressure. 

The maintenance for this kind of wood floor is the daily routine of sweeping with a broom that does not have hard bristles, vacuum without the beater bar, mopping with a damp or almost dry mop, and finally buffing either by cloth or buffing machine.If you are looking for a low maintenance and cheaper type of wood that gives you the same feel of impressive finish and natural looking like a solid wood floor then you might be looking for an better engineered floorboards this type of wood is made by layer of high-quality plywood with a thin slice of hardwood on top and it is easier to install than solid wood floor, but it could only be refinished once or twice since the thickness of this kind of wood range from 3/8in to 1/2 in. The maintenance of this kind of wood is almost the same as strand woven flooring the only difference is you won’t need a buffing machine. All you have to do is sweep, vacuum, mop and once in a while you may use a liquid cleaner designed for engineered floorboard. Lastly, if you are in doubt on what kind of wood floor you have at home, you may seek for a professionals help to make sure that you’ll be maintaining your wood floor correctly.

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