, A Way Of Living has opened their operations 10 years ago in Melbourne. Basically, we have an online business of selling indoor plants and outdoor plants. We are not only selling the plants but also, we are offering you to set and maintain the plants and garden if you already have them in your garden, home or office. It is always ideal to work in the pleasant and lively environment. If we have greenery in the company or in the premises where we are working then it gives a positive vibe to the whole environment including the employees. The mood of the boss will also be pleasant if he does not see the negativity around him. 

Following are the services which we are offering. 

  1. Indoor landscapes:  
    We have further categorized the services and products of indoor landscapes to make it specific, in order to make the decision by the customers easily. We have a huge variety of indoor plant pots in Melbourne. Following are the sub-categories of indoor landscapes. 
  • Floor plants: 
    Floor plants are not only favorable in keeping in the house but also in office, schools, institute hospitals etc. Floor plants can be made in customized sizes according to the need and demand of the customers and area that has to be covered.  
  • Desktop plants: 
    We can keep the desktop plants to our desk, tables, racks of the kitchen, washrooms, dining table, lobby, office room etc. It looks so pretty and attractive and also gives an impression that you are a person who loves the nature. Desktop pots are also helpful in growing herbs, aloe vera, coriander, mint leaves. Keeping and growing them in kitchen makes the cooking easier. 
  • Hanging plants: 
    These plants are ideal for the entrance of the house, bungalow, lobby of the hotels, etc. It looks attractive and also gives a soothing effect as soon as we enter in the house. The only negative point of keeping hanging plants is, the maintenance is a bit difficult as we have to go up to the level of plants using ladder or some other thing. 
  • Green walls and Structure: 
    It is a whole new concept in gardening. We have usually seen wallpapers and textured walls of green colours which gives an impression of garden, leaves or plants but now we can make an actual or real green wall using indoor plants pots and hanging plants. It looks so decent and classy. It enhances the look of the wall. 
  •  Outdoor plants: 
    We also deal in outdoor plants. Outdoor plants including all kinds of flowers that spread a soothing fragrance all the day and night long. We have a plant of flowers of different regions.  

We are not only selling but we plant for you, grow them for and then finally maintain them for you. plants-sales

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