Finding The Perfect Space For The Company Within Budget Restrictions

When you are at the startup point in your business and yet have not enough to actually lease or buy a space somewhere for your company, then you need to go for the alternative options. In most countries, business startups are welcomed and are aided, but most likely this aid will not be enough to cover your needs. Within a budget constraint that will not come off in the near future, here are some options for you to analyze for feasibility with regard to accommodating your company somewhere other than a garage.

Find out about IFC office

If you know another startup that is up and rising as your company is, then you can be sure that they are looking for a place to house their business as well. So when you are going for lease office central, instead of going alone and paying a lot, you can co-sign with another company and share the space. It is much less expensive, and if their company is not a competitor then you will most likely be able to find your business symbiosis partner as well. A network of working professionals have a tendency to drive each other to be more accomplished, productive and also efficient. This will also be a good way to bounce off business furthering ideas off each other and discuss and find solutions for common problems.

Business incubators

Maybe it does not sound as fancy as you expect but if you need financial aid to find a place to host your business then a business incubator program can help. Usually their offers come with less cost for the space, equipment, furniture and other needs and you can get their resources for a cheaper price. Since other companies will be going for the incubator program as well, you will find a professionally enriching environment to build your company at.


If you have a handful of employees, then Loosecubes will be your best chance to getting a space somewhere reputed. Loosecubes is a program that connects companies will free space with those who do are looking for a place to call central office. If you have the patience and also great senses in finding a right spot, you might be able to sign an agreement at a perfect location.

If you are a one man or woman army looking to find a place to work from instead of home, then going for a ‘Rent a Desk’ option or making your own ‘Co working space’ and business space sharing are the best alternatives.

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